Cryo King


Cold-treatment was known already back in ancient Egypt ( ca. 2000 years b.c. ). In the 5th century B.C. Hippocrates has used cold to reduce pain and swellings.


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Mobile Chamber

One of the main advantages of the mobile cryochamber is that it can be placed in any location designated by the investor. There is no need to prepare a room inside a building, as is the case for the standard cryochamber. The mobile cryochamberenables performing cryotherapy treatments in a direct vicinity of health resort, and for sportsmen by stadiums, halls or other training centres.

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Kriosan K

During the design process of the KRIOSAN K apparatus, we paid special attention to ensure easy handling. For this reason, the KRIOSAN K apparatus is equipped with modern control unit, a colour liquid crystal display and the ergonomic operator’s control panel, making handling of the device easy and intuitive. The large size of the display and its high readability help to change treatment settings and facilitate therapy session control.