About Us

The owner of CryoKing, LLC, Jose Lajara, came across
Cryotherapy simply by accident! Jose suffered from achilles issues and had tried
everything from acupuncture, graston procedures, injections and physical therapy but could
not find anything that provided comfort or relief from the pain. After doing some research
he decided to try a Whole Body Cryotherapy cryosauna for the first time at a location in
South Florida. It was a very fortunate and unfortunate circumstance in the sense
that he felt incredible relief from his pain with the treatment but experienced frost bite
due to moisture build up inside the cryosauna machine. Jose, being the type
individual that has the moto of “I can do this better”, started to look for a facility
to open in Palm Beach County, Florida where he could provide the environment
for a positive experience all the way around.
The result was the birth of not one but three locations in 2016,
Palm Beach Cryotherapy (Lake Worth,Florida), Palm Beach Cryo – Hamptons (Bridgehampton, NY)
and Palm Beach Cryo-Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, Fl), hard work and dedication made
each facility amazing!
Unfortunately, there was another hurdle to overcome as there were several issues with vendors,
things were not handled correctly or in a timely fashion.  Jose thought yet again
“I can do this better” so off to Poland he went to meet with the specialist in Cryotherapy.
After arriving, Jose spent two weeks learning the technology and basically the ins and outs
of Cryotheraypy.  This experience yielded another Cryotherapy “family” member to his
business with the birth of CryoKing, LLC, specifically created to help business owners like himself.
CryoKing, LLC provides experience, advice and consulting to those who deal with the every day
issues from operating Cryotherapy facilities to acquiring top notch equipment.