Mobile Cryochamber

Our specialists developed a device that will solve many problems of our clients who are looking for premises suitable for the cryochamber.

 One of the main advantages of the mobile cryochamber is that it can be placed in any location designated by the investor. There is no need to prepare a room inside a building, as is the case for the standard cryochamber.
The mobile cryochamber enables performing cryotherapy treatments in a direct vicinity of health resort, professional team stadiums, halls or other training centers.
The integrated liquid nitrogen container enables the cryochamber to work independently, however it can be connected to the external nitrogen container if necessary. Placing the mobile cryochamber in a container enables its transportation on a truck to the place of destination. An additional equipment option is the trailer, so there is no need to use a vehicle with HDS system.

Container size (L x W x H):

7010 x 2438 x 3050 mm

Max. number of patients in the cryochamber:


Power supply:


Cooling agent:

liquid nitrogen

Cooling agent supply system:

integrated internal container

Chamber interior:

patient-friendly, made of lime

Temperature range in treatment chamber:

-110°C to -160°C

Temperature in pre-chamber:

-60°C by ±5°C

Treatment duration (programmable):

30 s to 5 min

Temperature stabilization in the treatment chamber:


Cooling time:

45-50 min to -160°C

Quantity of breathing air:

> 35 m3/h

Cooling agent consumption for cooling:

ca. 100 kg

Cooling agent consumption during treatments:

ca. 90 kg/h

Mobile cryochamber can be personalised on the customer’s request. The basic option be enhanced with:

  • selection of type and colour of the exterior of the chamber
  • trailer
  • Team logos & Company logos can be included in the exterior design


  • Delivery and start-up timeline – 6 weeks from signing of the agreement, including the last 7-10 days in the facility where the chamber is to be installed.
  • The delivery and start-up price also includes the training of technical staff operating the cryochambers. The training takes place during the cryochamber installation in its destined location.
  • 24 months guarantee, guarantee and post-guarantee service – 24 hours.
  • Independent double oxygen concentration sensors (2 in treatment chamber, 2 in service room)
  • System protecting against the outflow of liquid nitrogen from the container (automatic cut-off of liquid nitrogen supply after a malfunction has been detected)
  • Container with a full protection (triple valve with additional safety valve (2 pcs.) and bursting disc (2 pcs.)
  • Light and sound alarm signalling low oxygen level
  • Alarm system preventing the patients from staying in the treatment chamber too long
  • Emergency switch for patients inside the treatment chamber
  • Emergency lighting in case of power-cut
  • Audio system for contact between patient and therapist
  • Stand-by system enabling cryotherapy sessions pause without the necessity to switch off the cryochamber and to cool it again